Jonathan Marinatos


Kontakt​ mig

Telefon:​ 71 79 92 27



​Individual Therapy, in person or online (Telehealth)

1 session (1 hour)

950 kr. 

Couples Therapy, in person or online (Telehealth)

1 session (1,5 hour)​

1400 kr.​

Student Individual Therapy, in person or online (Telehealth)

1 session (1 hour)​

700 kr.​

I work as a psychotherapist to help my clients experience a balanced emotional and mental health. 

I work together with Internationals and Danes in English. Together we uncover some of the unnoticed problematic behaviours that can lead to life out of emotional and mental balance. 

Facing difficult emotions and thoughts can be challenging to navigate alone. It is a normal human experience to try and avoid these uncomfortable thoughts and feelings, at the same time by doing this we can get stuck in a vicious problematic loop. 

The therapy I do is very individual, therefore the sessions are completely guided by what you choose to bring into sessions. 

I have a strong experience with treating anxiety, depression, low self-esteem and trauma. 

I will guide you to get out of your mind and come back into your heart where you will be able to listen more clearly to your intuition.

From doing therapy together you will get the ability to: 

  • Notice your difficult thoughts and defuse them from your mind.
  • Open up to your uncomfortable emotions and accept your feelings.
  • Understand your problematic behaviours and what to change.
  • Take action towards what is important to you guided by your values.

Therapy is very personable so feeling you are trusted and in a safe space to share is extremely important to the therapeutic relationship. 

Therefore I would like to give you a free first therapy session to experience whether it feels right for you. 

Feel free to reach out for therapy through my website in bookings or you can reach out through sending me a message on 77 79 92 27.​

​​Klinikken ved Åen

Åboulevarden 39,

8000 Århus C

​Klinikken ved Åen er centralt beliggende, midt i Aarhus.

Der er parkeringsmulighed i både ​Magasins P-Hus og DOKK1.